Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tarleton Texans set to host Incarnate Word

STEPHENVILLE - The Texans are set to host Incarnate Word at Memorial Stadium at 7 p.m. Keep up-to-date with information here on the blog, or see the live chat, live stats, etc. at the Tarleton Social Media page.

- The Texans scored first to go up, 7-0 after the extra point.

- Tarleton recovered the ensuing kickoff when the ball hit a member of the Incarnate Word player. The Texans got down inside the 10, but after going for it on fourth down, the Texans failed to score and turned the ball over on downs.

- The Cardinals scored after a 10-play, 95-yard drive to tie the score after the PAT, 7-7.4

- That will end the first quarter with the score tied at 7-7.

- Touchdown Texans! Tarleton with the QB keeper by Nick Stephens. Extra point is good. Texans lead Incarnate 14-7 with 11:16 left in the half.

- Incarnate scores on yet another fake field goal. Game is tied at 14-14 with 3:27 to go in the first half.

- That ends the first half with Incarnate Word leading Tarleton 17-14.

- The second half is underway. Tarleton will start with the ball at the 24-yard line after a short return.

Touchdown Texans! Tarleton's Nick Stephens completes a 17-yard pass to Jamal Mays. Extra point is no good. Texans jump back in front 20-17 with 9:05 left in the third.

Third quarter is in the books. 20-17 Tarleton lead, and it will be their ball to start the fourth at the Incarnate 37-yard line.

- Tarleton adds to their lead with a 19-yard rush by Jerome Regal for a touchdown. Extra point is good. Texans on top 27-17.

Evan Robertson rushes seven yards for the score. Tarleton extending their lead to 34-17 with 12:13 left in the game.

- Incarnate Word chooses to go for the field goal. Kick is good on 27-yard attempt. 34-20 Texan lead with 6:00 even.

- That's your ball game. Texans take a 41-27 victory from Incarnate Word. Tarleton heads into their final home game of the season next weekend against Eastern New Mexico with a 3-7 record.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Texans set to host No. 7 Texas A&M-Kingsville for Homecoming

STEPHENVILLE - The Texans will host No. 7 Texas A&M-Kingsville on Saturday, Oct. 23 for Homecoming 2010. The game has been postponed to 6:30 p.m. due to rain that soaked the area for most of the day.

Keep up with the game here on the blog, on Twitter, and on Live Chat. Go to the Tarleton Sports Social Media page for more.

- Tarleton will receive the kick from Kingsville to start the game.

- Texans return the kick to the 27-yard line, will start from there. Homecoming is underway.

- Tarleton will punt to the Javelinas with 12:18 to go in the first quarter.

- Kingsville will start their first possession at their own 20-yard line.

- The Texans hold Kingsville to a three-and-out. Will receive the punt from the Javelinas with 10:51 to play.

- Tarleton takes over at the 17-yard line after a 62-yard punt by Kingsville.

- Tarleton's Evan Robertson fumbles the ball, Kingsville recovers at the 26-yard line.

- Javelinas attempt a 38-yard field goal. Kick is no good. Texans take over at the 21-yard line.

- Stephens is intercepted by Kingsville's Corey Robertson. Kingsville will start at the 36-yard line with 5:40 to go in the first quarter.

- Correction, Javelinas start at the 21-yard line after a holding penalty.

- Kingsville converts a big third down, threatens in Tarleton territory.

- Javelinas convert on fourth-and-short. First down at the Texans' 28.

- That ends the first quarter. We are all tied up at zero. Kingsville will start the second quarter in the red zone at the 19-yard line.

- First quarter stats:

Texans- 6 plays, 25 yards, time of possession: 6:17

Javelinas- 12 plays, 32 yards, time of possession: 8:43

- Tarleton holds Kingsville to a 32-yard field goal. Javelinas take a 3-0 lead with 14:28 left in the first half.

- Tarleton's Brandon Lowery returns the kickoff to the Kingsville 44-yard line, for a return of 50 yards.

- Touchdown Texans! Nick Stephens hooks up with Jeken Frye for a 44-yard completion. Extra point is good. Tarleton leads Kingsville 7-3.

- Last possession: two plays, 44 yards, 44 seconds. Set up by Lowery's 50-yard kick return.

- Tarleton recovers the onside kick, has possession at the 43-yard line.

- Texans have to settle for a 30-yard field goal by Blake Weist. With 9:57 to play in the half, Tarleton leads 10-3.

- Kingsville returns the kick for a touchdown, but it is negated on a holding call. Javelinas will start with the ball at the 15-yard line.

- Kingsville calls time out with 5:10 to play in the first half. The Javelinas face a crucial fourth-and-one at the Tarleton 23.

- Fourth-down conversion is good. Kingsville threatens inside the 11-yard line.

- Touchdown Javelinas. Ryan Lincoln with the two-yard rush. Extra point is good, and we are all squared up in Stephenville, 10-10.

- Kingsville's drive lasted 6:25, and went for 85 yards on 11 plays.

- Tarleton will start the drive at the 14-yard line after a holding penalty on the kickoff. 3:12 remains in the half.

- Javelinas take their second time out with 1:58 to go in the second quarter.

- Tarleton is forced to punt, no return on the kick. Kingsville takes over at the 39-yard line with 1:46 to go.

- After a 15-yard reception, the Javelinas cough the ball up. Recovered by Jacob Rowe at the 17-yard line.

- Tarleton rushes the ball for a short loss and will let the clock run out. The first half is in the books, and its Tarleton 10, Kingsville 10.

- First half stats:

Texans: Time of possession: 9:32, Rushing: 12 for 30 yards, Passing: 10 completions for 91 yards, Total Offense: 27 plays, 121 yards

Javelinas: Time of possession: 20:28, Rushing: 20 for 69 yards, Passing: 13 completions for 129 yards, Total Offense: 39 plays, 198 yards.

Tarleton Leaders: Nick Stephens, 10-15, 91 yards, touchdown; Evan Robertson, nine rushes for 23 yards; Jamal Mays, two catches for 44 yards and a score. Brandon Johnson, 10 tackles, Jacob Rowe, forced fumble, fumble recovery, and a sack.

Kingsville Leaders: Nate Poppell, 13-19, 129 yards; Jonathon Woodson, six rushes for 34 yards; Ryan Lincoln, five catches for 29 yards. Marcus Sanders, seven tackles, two for loss.

- Second half will get underway in less than four minutes.

- Texans will kick off to start the second half. Javelinas set to return.

- Kingsville will start the third quarter at their own 40-yard line.

- Javelinas forced to punt after a delay of game penalty on a fourth and short.

- Punt is downed at the six-yard line. Texans take over with 11:15 to go in the third.

- Time out Tarleton with 11:04 left in the quarter, as the Texans face a big third-and-10.

- Texans are stopped on third down, will punt to Kingsville.

- Javelinas take over at the Tarleton 39-yard line after a 33-yard punt with 10:10 left in the third.

- Tarleton holds Kingsville to a three-and-out. Punt is fair-caught at the 10-yard line. Texans start the drive with 9:29 on the clock.

- A pair of penalties on the punt, with a running into the kicker by Kingsville and a block in the back by Kingsville. Javelinas will move back and start the drive at the 34-yard line.

- Javelinas fumble. Recovered by the Texans. Tarleton takes over at the 40-yard line.

- Time out Kingsville, their first of the half. 5:30 to go in the third.

- Javelinas have the ball at the 35-yard line with 2:38 left in the third.

- Kingsville faces a big third-and-seven from the 39-yard line with 2:00 in the third.

- Javelinas have to punt. Texans muff the kick, but a kick-catch interference penalty gives Tarleton the ball at the 45-yard line.

- Another defensive stop by Kingsville. Tarleton will punt to the Javelinas with 45 seconds left in the third.

- Kingsville starts their drive from the 19-yard line.

- End of a back-and-forth third quarter. Tarleton 10, Kingsville 10. Javelinas will start the fourth with a third-and-seven from the 23.

- Kingsville starts the fourth with a first down.

- Jamaal Steamer grabbed a huge tackle behind the line to force a punt by the Javelinas. Tarleton has a first down and 10 at their own 20 with 11:37 on the clock.

- Missed field goal by Tarleton. Kingsville takes over at their own 22-yard line.

- Tarleton stumps the Kingsville offense, forces the Javelinas to punt with under seven minutes left in the game.

- Texans will start the drive at the 18-yard line with 6:34 to go.

- Kingsville sacks Nick Stephens to force a punt.

- Javelinas convert on a big third down. Clock is under the 3:20 mark.

- Tarleton uses their last time out of the game. 1:14 to go in the fourth.

- Time out Kingsville, they have one remaining.

- Field goal is good by Javelinas. Kingsville takes a 13-10 lead with 21 seconds remaining.

- Stephens stops the ball with two seconds on the clock and 73-yards of field to cover.

That's the ball game folks. Kingsville 13, Tarleton 10.

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Join us next weekend when the Texans travel to Midwestern State for another Lone Star Conference match up at 7 p.m.

We appreciate your support and we will see you at the game.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tarleton set to host Angelo State for Family Weekend

STEPHENVILLE - The Tarleton Texan football team is set to host Angelo State at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 2 for Family Weekend in Stephenville.

Check back here for live blog info, and go to the Tarleton Sports Social Media/Fan Interaction Page for more.

Join the team - Tarleton Texans, TexAnns and You!

- Tarleton won the toss, and will receive. Family Weekend is under way.

- Timeout Tarleton with 9:25 left in the first quarter. Texans threatening with the ball on the Angelo five-yard line.

- Touchdown Texans. Evan Robertson with a one-yard run for the score on fourth and short.

- Extra-point is good. Tarleton's first drive: 14 plays for 74 yards and the touchdown.

- Texans' Jacob Rowe blocks Angelo's field-goal attempt. Dashaun Phillips returns it 70 yards to the Angelo seven-yard line.

- 24-yard field goal attempt is good. Tarleton takes a 10-0 lead with 1:58 left in the first quarter.

- Angelo's Garrett Tidwell returns the kick 80 yards to Tarleton 10-yard line.

- Touchdown Angelo State. Dakareai Pecikones with ten-yard rush. Extra-point is good. Texans hold 10-7 lead with 1:37 left in the first quarter.

- First quarter is in the books. Tarleton leads Angelo State 10-7.

- Touchdown Texans! Nick Stephens completes 15-yard pass to Devon Gray. Extra-point is good. Tarleton extends lead to 17-7 with 14:02 left in the second quarter.

- Texans last drive goes for 71 yards and eight plays in 2:21.

- Tarleton forces Angelo to punt. Rams down the ball at the eight-yard line. Texans take over with 12:14 left in the second quarter.

- Angelo State's Markeith Jones intercepts Tarleton's Nick Stephens at the Angelo 44-yard line.

- Tarleton muffs the punt. Angelo State takes over at the five-yard line.

- Touchdown Rams. John Norcott runs it for five yards and the score. Extra-point is good. Texans hold slim margin 17-14 with 7:52 left in the second quarter.

- Texans return punt to 32-yard line. Take over with 7:45 to go in the half.

- Tarleton goes three-and-out. Punts to Angelo, who returns it to the Angelo 36-yard line.

- Angelo punts to Tarleton's Dashaun Phillips. It's fair-caught at the 11-yard line.

- Time out Texans, one remaining. Tarleton's ball at the six-yard line with 3:59 to go in the half.

- Intentional grounding on Tarleton's Nick Stephens in the end zone, resulting in a safety. Angelo pulls within one, 17-16.

- Touchdown Angelo State. Josh Neiswander completes 65-yard pass to C.J. Akins. Two-point conversion is good. Rams take 24-17 lead with 3:33 left in the first half.

- Time out Angelo with 1:27 left in the half.

- Fourth-down conversion for the Texans is stopped by the Rams. Turnover on downs. Angelo takes over at the 43-yard line with 1:19 to go.

- Time out Angelo with six seconds remaining, their final time out of the half.

- Interception by Tarleton's Dashaun Phillips in the end zone. First half is complete. Angelo State leads the Texans 24-17.

- Tarleton's first half stats: 19 rushes for 51 yards, 113 passing yards, one interception, two penalties for 11 yards, time of possession: 17:15.

Evan Robertson had 14 carries for 51 yards.
Nick Stephens went 10-for-18 with 113 yards and a touchdown.
Jeken Frye had two catches for 28 yards. Devon Gray had two catches for 23 yards and a touchdown.
Brandon Johnson had eight tackles, while Damian Perkins had five tackles.

- The second half is about to get underway. Angelo State set to return the kick.

- Angelo converts on fourth down, threatens in the red zone with the ball on the Tarleton 13-yard line.

- Rams' kicker Ryan Smith makes a 31-yard field goal. Tarleton trails 27-17 with 10:25 in the third quarter.

- Texans' Eddie Brown returns the kick to the 33-yard line. Tarleton takes over with 10:17 to go in the third.

- Saalim Hakim catches a 44-yard pass from Nick Stephens to the Angelo 15-yard line.

- Tarleton's 24-yard field goal attempt is good. Score still favors Angelo 27-20.

- Kickoff goes out of bounds at the 10-yard line. Angelo State takes over at the 40-yard line.

- Angelo receiver Garrett Tidwell on the reverse completes pass to Dakareai Pecikones for a 17-yard touchdown. Extra-point is good. Texans trail Rams 34-20 with 4:19 left in the third quarter.

- Kickoff goes out of bounds at the 20-yard line. Tarleton takes over at the 40-yard line.

- Texan quarterback Nick Stephens completes a 52-yard pass to Saalim Hakim to the Angelo 8-yard line.

- Tarleton fumbles on the seven-yard line, recovered by Angelo State.

- That ends the third quarter. Angelo State leads the Texans 34-20. The Rams will start the fourth quarter at the Tarleton 36-yard line.

- Angelo's 29-yard field goal attempt is blocked by Jacob Rowe, his second blocked kick of the game. Tarleton takes over at the 20-yard line with 9:58 to play.

- Turnover on downs for Tarleton, Angelo State takes over at their own 37-yard line.

- The Texans hold the Rams to a three-and-out. Punt goes out of bounds at the 34-yard line. Tarleton starts their drive with 5:16 left in the game.

- Touchdown Texans! Nick Stephens throws to Saalim Hakim for a 27-yard touchdown catch. Extra-point is good. Angelo State 34, Tarleton 27, with 4:54 to play.

- Blake Weist's kick is deep , Angelo starts drive at their own four-yard line.

- Angelo fumbles at the four-yard line. Texans recover and take over with a short field.

- Touchdown Texans! Evan Robertson with four-yard rush. Extra-point is good. We have a tied ballgame, 34-34 in Stephenville.

- Angelo State returns the kick to the 31-yard line, take over with 4:40 left in the game.

- Tarleton forces a punt, muffed by the Texans, but maintained possession. Tarleton takes over at the 23-yard line.

- Pair of big pass plays put Texans in red zone with under two minutes left in the game.

- Time out Tarleton, their first, with 1:52 remaining.

- Time out Angelo State, their first. Texans have fourth-and-nine with 1:37 on the clock.

- Blake Weist's 27-yard field goal attempt is good! Tarleton takes 37-34 lead with 1:34 to go in the game.

- Short kick by Tarleton has short return. Angelo State starts drive at the 33-yard line with the game on the line.

- Angelo State fumbles at the 31-yard line. Tarleton recovers the ball and takes over at the 31 with 1:05 left in the game.

- Angelo takes their second time out.

- Tarleton will kneel the ball to burn the clock, making Angelo State use their final time out.

- The Texans win a nail-biter 37-34, pick up their first win of the 2010 campaign.

The Texans return to action next week when the travel to West Texas A&M to take on the Buffaloes. Thanks for joining us, and we will see you next time.

Friday, September 10, 2010

TexAnns set historical record with 7-0 start

STEPHENVILLE - The Tarleton TexAnn volleyball team has set a new mark to start the season with a 7-0 opening record.

Tarleton took its first two games at the 2010 TexAnn Invitational on Friday, Sept. 10 to move past the previous best of 6-0 from 1999. The TexAnn's tying victory came against St. Mary's in five games before Tarleton's 3-1 win over Texas-Permian Basin put the TexAnns at 7-0 for the season to set the new mark.

For more information on the win, see the TexAnn Invitational website, or see the game story for the win over UTPB.

Fans can catch the TexAnns at home on Saturday, Sept. 11 around 4 p.m. as they host Southwest Baptist in the final game of the Invitational in the Tarleton Recreational Center.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Season Opener

STEPHENVILLE - The Texans host Northeastern State in the season opener at 7 p.m., and fans can catch the live blog throughout the game.

- Northeastern State scored first when Drew Patton hit a 44-yard field goal with 10:45 on the clock in the first quarter.

- NSU scored again when Patton hit a 29-yard field goal to end a 10-play, 33-yard drive to make it 6-0. The score was set up by a NSU interception of Tarleton's Nick Stephens.

- NSU added to the score with an 11-play, 80-yard drive that was completed by a 14-yard pass from Daryn Alves to Trey McVay. A Nick Whitlow pass to Cale Fulps made it 14-0 RiverHawks.

- The Texans scored in the last minute of the first half when Stephens hit Gray on a 19-yard pass. Gray jumped and took the ball away from the defender in the corner of the endzone. Blake Wiest hit the extra point as Tarleton trailed 14-7 at the half.

- The RiverHawks scored another field goal to make it 17-7 with 6:39 left in the third quarter. Patton hit a 33-yard field goal to end the drive.

- Kenny Davis then scored on a quarterback keeper to give NSU a 24-7 lead with 13:39 left in the contest after the extra point. The drive took six plays in 2:05 and covered 41 yards.

- Jeken Frye then caught a 48-yard pass from Stephens to score the Texans' second touchdown at 12:55 in the fourth. A Stephens rush failed, and Tarleton trailed 24-13.

- Blake Weist hit a 39-yard field goal with 7:02 left in the contest to cut the lead to eight, 24-16.

- On the ensuing kickoff, Nate Robinson returned the ball 95 yards for a touchdown to make it 30-16 in favor of the RiverHawks. The extra point was good to increase the lead to 15.

- Aaron Doyle then walked on the field for the Texans and had a keeper for a 15-yard gain before hitting Frye for a 60-yard receiving touchdown. Weist had the PAT to make it 31-23 with 6:08 on the clock.

- The Texan defense held the ensuing drive by the RiverHawks, but a nice NSU roll on the punt put Tarleton back to its own eight yardline with 3:34 left in the game.

- Texans fail to get down the field and turn the ball over on downs, thanks to several dropped passes.

- Tarleton loses the season opener, 31-23, despite outgaining NSU 463 to 287. The Texans had 328 yards passing and 135 yards rushing to NSU's 193 yards passing and 94 yards rushing.

- The Texans were 6-of-18 on third-down conversions and two-of-four in red-zone scores.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 Kickoff

The Tarleton Texan football team opens the 2010 season at home against Northeastern State on Thursday, Sept. 2 at 7 p.m.

Find out more about the game at Game Week.

Also, fans can check out the live blog (here), live stats, live chat and live video via links on the Game Week page.

Fans can also email the radio booth at

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Texans Check in to 2010 Fall Camp

- 2010 Texan Football Camp page

STEPHENVILLE - Tarleton head football coach Cary Fowler and his staff welcomed the 2010 Tarleton Texan football team to campus Wednesday as the squad reported for training camp.

The Texans checked in to the dorm Wednesday afternoon and after meetings and filling out paperwork tonight, the team will hit the ground running on Thursday evening.

"This is the best day of football," said head coach Cary Fowler. "There are a lot of hopes and dreams out there. There are nerves, and there should be. That is what college football is all about.

The Texans kickoff the season against a real opponent on Thursday, Sept. 2 when Northeastern State comes to town, but the head coach said the focus is getting started and make the summer workouts worthwhile.

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